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Kendra Cherry

Have You Considered a Career in Social Work?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMarch 6, 2021

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Sometimes students get stuck in the mindset that if they want to work in the field of mental health, then that means that they need to earn a graduate degree in psychology. In reality, there are a lot of alternative degree options out there, many of which lead directly to a career in mental health or social services.

social worker

Social work is a great example. Social workers perform a wide range of duties including providing counseling, advocating for their clients, teaching new skills, and connecting their clients to available resources in the community.

The minimum requirement to enter this field is a bachelor's degree in social work, but the Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests that most jobs require a master's degree.

Learn more about this popular career choice including the salaries, training requirements, and various specialty areas in this overview of social work careers.

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