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Advice from Psychology Majors

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideFebruary 26, 2021

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Not long ago, I asked our readers to share some of the reasons why they chose to major in psychology. I've gotten a lot of great responses so far, including one reader who ended up "accidentally" majoring in psychology. One common theme in many of the responses is a passion for the subject and a desire to help other people improve their lives.

advice for psychology majors

Of course, some graduates who have moved on to the workplace may look back and see things that they wish they had done differently while they were in school. When I asked our readers to share their experiences working in psychology as a career, a few shared some experiences that current students might find helpful.

For example, reader Leigh explains, "I highly value my B. Sc. Psychology--but agree that for the one that intends to work in the field of counseling or social services and be paid fairly while using your skills and potential, plan on going straight into your Master's curriculum no matter how bad you want to pause after you graduate."

What advice would you give to current psychology students? If you were going back to school today, is there anything you would do differently? Share your thoughts.

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