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Kendra Cherry

Is Psychology the Right Major for You?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideFebruary 11, 2021

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We've talked before about some of the great reasons to earn a psychology degree. Psychology can be challenging and exciting, plus it offers a tremendous amount of satisfaction and personal rewards for people who are passionate about the subject.

psychology major

Just because you like a topic doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best academic or career choice for you, however.

Obviously there are lots of things you should consider before you choose a psychology major, including whether or not you plan to attend graduate school.

So how can you tell if psychology isn't the right pick for you? Two of the first things I always ask students is whether they enjoy working with people and whether they are good at coping with stress. Not good at either of those things? Then you might want to spend some time seriously analyzing how good of a fit psychology truly is for your personality and interests.

Check out our list of the five reasons why you shouldn't major in psychology before you decide.

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