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Kendra Cherry

Child Development 101

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideJanuary 17, 2021

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We were all children once and many of us are either parents or will become parents someday. Not surprisingly, the study of child development is one of the most popular topics within psychology.

child development

Whether you are taking a class in the topic because its is required for your major or you just have an interest in learning more about what makes kids tick, there are plenty of great reasons to study development, such as getting a better understanding of your own life story and gaining a greater appreciation for development all throughout life.

If you are new to the study of development, you might want to start by reading this introduction to child development. Explore some of the best reasons to learn more about children and how they grow and change as well as some of the potential problems and solutions that kids and parents face.

Image: Lisa Fanucchi

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