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Pioneers of Psychology: Wilhelm Wundt

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideJuly 12, 2012

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Wilhelm Wundt

If you've ever taken an introductory psychology class, then you have probably spent at least a little time learning about Wilhelm Wundt. This German psychologist, physician and philosopher is best known for establishing the first psychology lab in Liepzig, Germany, officially marking the beginning of psychology as a field of science distinct from philosophy and physiology. In addition to being considered one of the founders of contemporary psychology, Wundt is also frequently referred to as the father of experimental psychology.

Originally a professor of physiology, Wundt wanted to apply the same experimental methods used in science to the study of the human mind. Wundt also had an influence on his students, including Edward Titchener who went on to establish a school of thought known as structuralism. Structuralism focused on studying human consciousness by breaking it down to the smallest possible elements.

Learn more about this pioneer of psychology in this brief biography of Wilhelm Wundt.

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