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What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 14, 2012

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Bachelor's Psychology Jobs

While earning a graduate degree is required for many psychology jobs, the fact is that approximately 75% of students who earn a bachelor's degree in psychology do not go to graduate school. According to one study, only about 25% of psychology undergraduates end up working in a field that is closely related to their major.

Despite these numbers, it is important to remember that having a bachelor's degree in psychology is great preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields. Psychology undergraduate programs can vary considerably in terms of goals, but there are some very useful skills that these programs tend to focus on including:

  • Communication skills: In addition to gaining a solid understanding of how people communicate, psychology majors also learn how to read, write and present information to others.

  • Research skills: Psychology undergraduate spend a great deal of type researching, analyzing and synthesizing complex information.

  • Interpersonal skills: Understanding the needs of other people, solving problems in a group and interacting well with others are skills valued by virtually all employers.

As you plan for your future career, start by making yourself aware of the many different options that are available. By carefully planning your future and being aware of the different opportunities that are out there, you can find a career that is perfectly suited to your educational background, skills and personality. Learn more about ten different entry-level career options in this article on what you can do with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

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