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Readers Respond: Who Is the the Most Influential Psychologist?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideApril 12, 2012

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most influential psychologist

Some time ago, I asked readers to share their top choice for for the most influential psychologists.

I've gotten some great responses so far, including this one from JerrySkywalker who writes:

"I think as someone pointed out that many great men should be on this list. Jung, Adler, etc. For me, because he's my personal fave, it would be Maslow. I love his ideas And work. The humanistic approach appealed to me the most. As I said though, many deserve to be on this list. But I vote for Maslow!"

Have you been inpsired by a particular psychologist or eminent thinker? Please click the following link to share your top choice and discover which thinkers were chosen by other readers.

Photo by Jacob Wackerhausen / iStockPhoto

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