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Types of Graphs

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideJanuary 24, 2012

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types of graphs

No matter where you are at in your psychology studies, you are probably going to have to deal with graphs at some point. Statistics are essential in psychology whether you are summarizing research or reporting on lab results. One of your major goals should be to present information to readers in a meaningful and manageable format. Graphs are an excellent way to display information visually and, as many so often say, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

In many cases, you might be using graphs to support information found in the results section of your lab report or APA paper. How should you present this type of information? What type of graph should you use? Before you create your visual displays for your results, it is important to be familiar with the types of graphs commonly used in statistics including pie charts, scatter-plots and bar graphs. Courtney Taylor, black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Statistics, provides a great overview of these visual aids in his article on the seven common graphs in statistics.

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