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Pioneers of Psychology: Clark Hull

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideAugust 8, 2011

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Clark Hull

Despite facing considerable adversity, Clark Leonard Hull managed to overcome struggles with his health and finances in order to become one of the most important American psychologists of the 20th-century. His early life was marked by bouts of illness, including a severe case of typhoid fever. After polio left him paralyzed in his left leg, Hull decided to switch his career ambitions from engineering to psychology. While he found it necessary to halt his education several times due to lack of money, he eventually earned his Ph.D. and embarked on a long career as a teacher and researcher.

Hull is best remembered for his influence on behaviorism and his drive-reduction theory, but is also notable for his research on hypnosis and his emphasis on rigorous scientific methods. Learn more about this pioneer of psychology in this biography of Clark Hull.

Photo from the Wikimedia Commons

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