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Kendra Cherry

20 Tips for Boosting Creativity

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 25, 2011

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Have you ever wanted to become more creative? While creativity is sometimes thought of as an inborn trait found in a gifted few, there are a number of steps you can take to develop your creative skills. For example, researchers have found that having a positive mood often leads to more creative solutions to problems.

Discover different ways that you can boost your creativity.
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According to cognitive psychologist Robert J. Sternberg, creativity can be broadly defined as "...the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile." Creativity is all about finding new ways of solving problems and approaching situations. This isn't a skill restricted to artists, musicians or writers; it is a useful skill for people from all walks of life. If you've ever wanted to further develop your creative skills, consider using some of these tips for boosting your creativity.

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