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Researchers Suggest Stress Can Lead to Forgetfulness

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 24, 2011

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stress and forgetfulness

Do you ever find yourself so stressed out that you find yourself forgetting simple things like where you left your keys or phone? According to researchers, stress may be the culprit behind these day-to-day memory problems. ABC News reports that researchers in the medical community refer to this affliction as "subjective cognitive impairment" or "busy life syndrome."

Dr. David Ballard of the American Psychological Association suggests that the inundation of information via work, phones, texting and Internet helps contribute to this problem. "The quantity of information and data out there is just too much to process," he explained to ABC News. "People forget keys, forget why they came there."

Are you looking for some ways to get your stress levels under control and avoid pesky forgetfulness problems. black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Stress Management, Elizabeth Scott, M.S., offers some of the best ways to relieve stress. She suggests using tactics such as journaling, meditation, biofeedback and time management to help tame the excessive stress in your life.

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