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Is a Career In Counseling Right for You?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 4, 2011

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counseling careers

Do you enjoy working with people? While there are a wide variety of career options available to students of psychology, counseling is one area that is particularly popular. Counseling can be an exciting career path, especially for students looking for a job centered on working directly with people to help solve real-world problems. If you are thinking about pursuing a job in this area, start by checking out some of the many specialty areas that are available. While school counseling and mental health counseling might immediately come to mind, there are lots of other options including marriage and family counseling, vocational counseling and additions counseling.

While the educational requirements can vary based on the state where you plan to work and the specialty field that you choose, in most cases a minimum of a master's degree in counseling, social work or psychology is necessary. If this job area sounds appealing to you, be sure to check out this overview of counseling that includes further details on the areas of employment, educational requirements and salaries.

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