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What's Your Favorite Psychology Class?

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMarch 29, 2011

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favorite psychology classes

A couple weeks ago, I asked fans of the About Psychology Facebook page to share their favorite psychology classes. I've gotten some excellent responses so far, like this one:

"I absolutely loved my abnormal psychology class! It was definitely the subject-matter that fascinated me the most, and our instructor's insights into each disorder that we talked about made everything even more fascinating. The funniest thing is that you find yourself suddenly analyzing your own behavior with every new illness you discuss, and constantly think "Oh, I have that!" Overall, a very interesting an informative psychology class."

Now it's your turn! As a psychology student, you've probably taken a wide range of classes. Have there been any classes you have particularly enjoyed? Identify the psychology classes you found the most interesting, exciting and useful and discover what other readers have recommended. Share your favorite psychology classes.

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