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Tips for Landing an Academic Job in Psychology

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideJuly 5, 2010

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Are you interested in one day teaching psychology at the university level or are you currently in the market for an academic teaching position? Academic jobs at colleges and universities are incredibly competitive. During my undergraduate years, one of my history professors talked about how difficult it was for her to find a job. After she obtained her current teaching job, she learned that the university received more than 450 applications for that single position.

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So what can you do to prepare for an academic teaching job and set yourself apart from the considerable competition? Tara Kuther, black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Grad School, pointed out this helpful article from The Chronicle of Higher Education that recommends a few ways that job applicants can improve their chances of finding a position at a community college. Gaining as much teaching experience as possible, being willing to relocate for a position and improving your curriculum vitae are just a few suggestions.

If you are currently seeking a job at a college or university, be sure to check out this article on finding jobs using online resources for locating academic positions.

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