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Careers with an Undergraduate Degree

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 28, 2010

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Where do you begin looking for your first post-college job? Job titles such as psychologist or counselor are reserved for those with a graduate degree in psychology or counseling. Psychology students are faced with a wide variety of career options upon completing their degree.

Discover what you can do with an undergraduate degree in psychology.
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While some students may choose to continue their education in graduate school, many others will opt to go directly into the work force. Fortunately, there are a number of entry-level career options available to those with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

An education in psychology equips graduates with skills in communications, analytical thinking, research, writing and much more. These skills can be applied to many professions in the human services industry. Graduates could potentially find employment in areas such as case management, career counseling, psychiatric services as well as many other job areas.

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