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Corrections to the New APA Publication Manual

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideNovember 19, 2009

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Teachers, students and researchers in a wide variety of fields rely on the guidelines established by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. What happens, though, when the style manual itself contains errors?

APA Style Manual
Learn more about important errors and corrections in the new APA style manual.
Photo American Psychological Association

Since the recent publication of the sixth edition of the APA style manual, the publishers have issued numerous corrections to the first printing. The corrections include five pages of content and example errors, four pages of "nonsignificant typographical errors" and several corrected sample papers.

APA style is used in psychology as well as other social sciences including education, economics, sociology and nursing. For psychology students, it is essential to have an error-free copy of the publication manual to refer to when writing psychology papers.

In order to deal with the issue, the APA Style website contains a list of frequently asked questions about the corrections. Individuals who purchased a first edition copy of the APA style manual can download a PDF file containing the corrections, or obtain a printed supplement to the book via the APA Service Center.

In addition to these options, the APA is also allowing anyone who purchased a first-edition copy to exchange their book for corrected copy up through December 15, 2009. Visit the APA Style website to learn more about your options and the corrections.

One Space or Two?

One controversial change in the sixth edition of the APA style manual is the switch to requiring two spaces at the end of a sentence instead of just one. According to the APA's style blog, "...this new recommendation will help ease their reading by breaking up the text into manageable, more easily recognizable chunks...APA thinks the added space makes sense for draft manuscripts in light of those manuscript readers who might benefit from a brief but refreshing pause."

The change has stirred up some debate among students, teachers, scholars and the writing community. According to Mignon Fogarty of Grammar Girl, placing two spaces at the end of a sentence was a good strategy back in the days of typewriters and monospaced fonts because it helped give readers a visual break. "When you're typing on a computer, most fonts are proportional fonts, which means that characters are different widths. An "i" is more narrow than an "m," for example, and putting extra space between sentences doesn't do anything to improve readability," Mignon writes.

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