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Kendra Cherry

Winner of the 2009 Visual Illusion Contest

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 18, 2009

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The results of the 5th Annual Best Visual Illusions of the Year Contest have been announced. This year's winner, developed by Arthur Shapiro, Zhong-Lin Lu, Emily Knight, & Robert Ennis of American University, University of Southern California, Dartmouth College and SUNY College of Optometry, is titled "The Break of the Curveball." In the illusion, a falling ball apppears to travel in a straight line down when you look directly at it. Shift your vision to the side to view the ball peripherally, however, and it suddenly seems to fall at an angle.

Be sure to check out the illusion and the rest of this year's winners at the illusion contest website.

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