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The Psychology of Lying

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMay 9, 2008

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The Psychology of Lying
Lying and exaggerating create different psychological responses.
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An interesting article in The New York Times takes a look at the psychological differences between exaggeration and lying. Research has shown that maintaining a deception is exhausting and stressful, causing people to speak and behave differently when telling a lie. However, a study published in the February issue of Emotion found that students who exaggerated their grades did not experience the same psychological stress that lying creates.

"...fibs can reflect something close to the opposite of the frustration, insecurity and secretiveness that often fuel big lies. That may be why they can come so easily, add up so fast and for some people especially around closing time become indistinguishable from the truth."

Read the full article.

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