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Psychology News Roundup Volume 1

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideApril 25, 2008

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In this first edition of the Psychology News Roundup, we learn more about recent research on how language affects thought, newly available writings of naturalist Charles Darwin and the desensitizing effects of violent video games. More highlights include an interview with an expert on the psychology of happiness and some great podcasts on neuroscience, evolution and lip reading.
  • When Language Can Hold the Answer The New York Times looks at the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and recent research on the relationship between language and thought.
  • Darwin's Original Manuscripts Now Online - black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Animals & Wildlife, Laura Klappenbach, reports that private manuscripts written by Charles Darwin are now available online. Among the newly available writings is the first draft of Darwin's theory of natural selection.
  • A Conversation With Daniel Gilbert: The Smiling Professor - The New York Times interviews Harvard social psychologist and author of Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Gilbert about his research and work on the psychology of happiness.
  • Violent Video Games and Desensitization - Cognitive Daily looks at the desensitizing effect of violent video games and reports on a 2007 study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.
  • The History and Psychology of Wine - Mind Hacks reports on an article published in the May issue of The Psychologist about the history and recent research on the psychology of wine.
Listen Up! Psychology Podcasts From Around the Web
  • Neuropod - In the April edition of the neuroscience podcast from Nature, listeners "find out about risky decision-making, liken working memory to a digital camera, link stress and anxiety to genetics and explore the unfathomable world of the teenage brain."
  • Stone Age Brains in 21st Century Skills From the excellent podcast series All In The Mind, host Natasha Mitchell interviews two clinical psychiatrists who "provocatively challenge their profession to look to the Darwinian roots of human neuroses, and the evolutionary battleground that is our stone-age brain."
  • Ventriloquism, Lip Reading and Left and Right - Host Robyn Williams from Ockham's Razor interviews John Bradshaw of Monash University about lip reading and left brain/right brain dominance.
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