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10 Most Influential Psychologists

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideAugust 10, 2007

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A study that appeared in the July 2002 issue of the Review of General Psychology created a ranking of the 99 most influential psychologists. The rankings were based mostly on three factors: the frequency of journal citations, frequency of introductory textbook citations, and the survey responses of 1,725 members of the American Psychological Association. The five most eminent psychologists according to the study were: (1) B.F. Skinner, (2) Jean Piaget, (3) Sigmund Freud, (4) Albert Bandura, and (5) Leon Festinger.

The following list provides an overview of 10 psychologists who have made significant contributions to psychology. In addition to being some of the best-known thinkers in psychology, these famous figures also played an important role in psychology’s history and made important contributions to our understanding of human behavior.

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July 13, 2008 at 4:02 pm
(1) Texcat  :

I would disagree with this list but I would imagine that it is the same as all list when we compare people who in some cases did not live during the same time period. This lest should also definitely include Albert Ellis and Fritz Perls.

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