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Biography of Karen Horney

By , black-rose-bielefeld.de GuideMarch 28, 2007

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Karen Horney was a prominent psychoanalyst best-known for her theories of neurosis, feminine psychology, and self psychology. While Horney was a neo-Freudian, she also challenged many of Sigmund Freud's theories about female psychology. For example, Horney countered Freud's assertion that women experience "penis envy" by suggesting that men feel "womb envy" because they are unable to bear children. Learn more about her life, career, and theories in this biography of Karen Horney.

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July 20, 2009 at 1:11 pm
(1) Carole Heath :

This article about Karen Horney is very interesting stuff, I agree with her opinions regarding Freud his stance on penis envy etc, I read a book once called Oedipus and Hamlet by Ernest Jones who I think worked with Freud. This book was to do with Hamlet in the light of the Oedipus complex which I think was coined by Freud to do with Hamlet?s mother fixation and why he acted the way he did. Freud I think was a great man but I don?t agree with some of his opinions regarding women?s psychology like Karen Horney, and his opinions on men being envious of woman because they haven?t a womb likewise. Maybe some men think this way and also some women would like a penis maybe but all I think not.

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