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Using the Internet for Research

Friday February 23, 2007
The Internet is a great tool for finding primary sources for research papers, essays, and other class projects. The key to locating relevant references is to know how to search for information. A number of professional journals offer free access to full-text articles. You can find a list of journals that provide access to a selection of psychology journal articles in the following article: black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Web Search, Wendy Boswell, also has a lot of great information on using the Internet as an academic tool. If you're looking for information on how to find materials online, how to evaluate Web sources, and free student downloads, check out some of the following helpful articles:
  • How to Evaluate a Web Source
    How can you tell if the information you find online is credible? This article offers tips for how to evaluate the references you find online before you cite them in a paper or class project.

  • Free eBooks on the Web
    If you're looking for free full-text books online, this list points out some of the best places to find eBooks.

  • The Invisible Web
    The term "invisible web" refers the the enormous amount of information that isn't accessible through search engines and directories. Learn more about how you can locate materials on the Invisible Web.

  • Free Student Downloads
    Save yourself some cash this semester by checking out these free student downloads.

  • How to Use Google Scholar
    Google scholar is another great way to locate reference materials. Learn more about how to use this resource.

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